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7 Must-Have Women’s Bottoms

7 Must-Have Women’s Bottoms

1. Hello Molly's Funky Multi Skirt

If you’re into aesthetic bottoms, you should take a look at these cute funky clothes. It is a mini skirt in a standard XS size that is true to size. It is lightweight and stretchy to make you feel comfortable even after long wearing. With the tie dye and printed doodles, the fabric is made of polyester and spandex.

2. Hello Molly's Pants Cream Heart

What are your thoughts about wearing a stylish set heart pants cream that is comfortable and fit? This women’s bottoms are not lined but is made of satin and lightweight fabric. It has a slip-on style because of the polyester material. The pants are loose in the bottom to promote freshness even after a long day of wearing them. This is perfect for trips and casual dates.

3. Hello Molly's Flair Wicked Green Midi Skirt

Are you interested in investing in a wicked green midi skirt that will captivate the attention of everyone? Well, might as well buy this flair and elegant midi skirt. It has a cute flair that will instantly make you feel confident.

4. Hello Molly's La Quinta Lioness Wide Pants

Own the day by wearing Hello Molly’s La Quinta white pants. It is a symbolize of power and authority with zip and hook closure. It also has belt loops for stylish and size purposes. But remember to wash it in cold water only.

5. Hello Molly's Wrapped Salmon Skirt

Do you remember the latest TikTok trend? Well, don’t miss out this wrapped salmon skirt that has a side ruching detail and bodycon fit. This will be perfect by partnering up a crop top and high heels.

6. Hello Molly's Golden Maxi Skirt

Are you done with the casual women’s bottoms? How about this golden maxi skirt that screams elegance and brilliance. It has a golden statement and details that will make you glisten at night.

7. Hello Molly's Sunlight Maxi Skirt.

Summer is coming! Have you thought about your beach outfit yet? Why not try this sunlight maxi skirt by Hello Molly? It features a lightweight fabric with wide maxi skirt that is fresh and comfortable to feel.