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8 Quality Tie Bars And Clips For Your Big Day

Sometime in every human life, there will be a big day like graduation, wedding, or official appointment to higher jobs. As much as the attitude of the person is important, it is equally important to have the correct accessories. One of them is the tie bars and clips. Today we will list 8 quality tie bars and clips for your big day.

1) Silver Shot Tie Bar

This polished tie bar is perfect for your wedding day

* It comes in 2 colors
* Matches black and navy suits
* Comes in 4 sizes

2) Brushed Straight Gun Metal Tie Bar

Can be worn to your work or special occasion and suits any tie colors

* It comes in 3 colors
* Comes in 3 sizes
* Matches black, navy and charcoal suits

3) Anchor Rose Gold Tie Bar

Stunning look with this nautical style clip

* It comes in 3 colors
* Comes in a modern size of 1.5 inches
* Clipped at the third and fourth button

4) Dinosaur Silver Tie Bar

Show some love for the forgotten dinosaurs

* Comes in a silver color dinosaur
* Ideal for an official occasion or dinosaur themes party

5) Wood Inlay Silver Tie Bar

For office or special occasions, this classic tie bar will be matching

* Comes in 2 sizes
* Comes with a wood inlay in the middle

6) Matte Color Cobalt Blue Tie Bar

A simple tie bar that can be used any day and anywhere

* It comes in 25 colors
* Made in dyed copper

7) Glasses Silver Tie Bar

A fun type of tie bar that gives a second glass but not in your eyes

* It comes in 2 colors
* The dimension is 1.875 inches long and 0.625 inches wide

8) Handlebar Silver Tie Bar

Add a mustache to your tie the fun way with this tie bar

* It comes in 2 colors
* The length is 1.5 inches

If you are getting ready for a big day then remember the first thing you need will be the correct accessories and if you are looking for good tiebars and clips then visit TIE BAR now. For more info please click the below link.