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9 Lightweight Sets For Your Workout Needs

Lightweight sets always exude a certain aura of cleanliness and being put together. Having a lightweight set in your wardrobe is sure to ignite your motivation for a workout because of the matching and coordinated warmup wear that keeps you ready for the gym. Whether you’re going for a ten-minute walk, a 60-minute yoga, or an intense workout, there are sure to be lightweight sets that are specifically designed for each activity’s range and intensity.

Compressive, light, and soft, these lightweight sets are an all-in-one solution that allows you to do it all. Here are the top 9 lightweight sets you need to check out for your workout essentials.

1. Berry Float Ultralight Skort

One look, and you can tell: flouncy. The Berry FLOAT Ultralight is a high-rise exercise and workout skort that comes with pockets and a built-in compressive liner. The float skort also billows really nicely in the wind, which is a plus.

2. Olympus Naomi Workout Dress

The Naomi Workout Dress is here to prove that dresses aren’t only exclusive to parties and casual outdoor wear. With its ultralight and soft FLOAT fabric, it guarantees comfort and style. You also get to pick from a wide range of colors for your workout session.

3. Black Float Ultralight Bike Short

A bike short is a wardrobe essential – no contest to that. Not only are they great for leg day exercises, but they’re also a great source of comfort for leisure days because of their soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric.

4. Fox Milo Racerback Bra

This racerback bra offers medium-impact support and lightweight full coverage while promising flexibility at the same time. It’s also perfect for hotter days and temperatures.

5. Fox Lola V-neck Dress

Who can’t say no to this Lola Dress? This workout dress comes complete with a built-in bra and that stylish flounce that gives it a characteristic personality. It’s also available in different colors.

6. Midnight Lola V-neck Bra

This V-neck sports bra doesn’t try to be anything else but cute and comfortable – and perfectly so. It’s also lightweight, which is great for workout sessions.

7. Black Juliet Strappy Bra

If you’re into low to medium-impact activities such as weight training and yoga, the  Juliet Strappy Bra is for you. It’s a barely-there bra that’s lightweight and breathable, thanks to its FLOAT fabric.

8. Fog Float Ultralight Bike Short

The fog ultralight bike short is another color variation in the bike-short line. The neutral color will make it easy to wear not only for workouts but also for a casual errand trip to a nearby store.

9. The Float Set Bundle

The FLOAT set bundle offers you the choice to get the ultralight legging of your desires and your preferred matching bra. Its buttery soft and lightweight fabric makes it the perfect gift for those who prefer a heated workout or an idle lounge in their leggings.