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Fashion Tips According To Your Body Shape

First of all, guess your body’s shape, it should be pear, slender, curvy, apple, rectangular, whatever it is, you are not alone! There are many helpful fashion tips we get on the internet or in fashion magazines. These body shape tips are perfect as they will help cover up your shortcomings and highlight and highlight great benefits.

Rectangular body shape

Rectangular women are pretty straight everywhere, though some may have boyish breasts. Many women kill their shape even though it is not your body’s principal place that stands out. If you have small flat breasts, wear a high-necked top. A well-structured jacket with clinches on the belt will look curvier than you are. Avoid vertical designs or patterns and tight-fitting dresses.

Pear body shape

Most women belong to this group. Pear females are heavy on the floor and are more round on the thighs, thighs, and buttocks than above. Wear a light, tight surface with a large sleeve or elegant collar. A-line skirts that are below the knee look great. Dark legs with straight legs will be suitable for a pear-shaped body. Avoid pencil or tube skirts. Do not wear anything that is firmly attached to the ground.


This body shape is the body shape of a pear and the shape of a rectangle. You will have fuller breasts and a lower contrast waist, shoulders, and thighs of the same size. Three-quarter or full-body skirts will suit you well. Pair the v-neck tops with stretch jeans to emphasize your small waist. What to avoid: Shapely baggy sweater hides the perfect shape of the watch body.


They are proportionately well balanced in all parts of the body except the waist. You may have the fabulous legs of a model that many will envy.


Choose clothes that do not emphasize the waistline. Linear skirts should look good on you. Go for deep-cut necklines to get attention. Avoid floral peaks and tops that are too colorful or too patterned. Too tight jeans do not look good on you either. Get rid of plait or floor skirts.