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Get Travel-ready With These 7 Uniquely Crafted Suitcases From Monos

Can’t fit your SUITCASE into that overhead bin above your plane seat? With Monos’ wide array of different sizes of suitcases, you no longer need to look anywhere else. Here are the 7 most exclusive Monos suitcases that you can pick from based on your trip length and type.


Each of these quality suitcases comes with a German polycarbonate-based hard shell that is water-resistant and aerospace-grade. Other features of Monos suitcases include details made from ultra-microfibre egan leather’ and 350D soft anti-microbial fabric on the interior surface.

1. The Arry-on Plus’

This SUITCASE by Monos has been crafted to fit snugly into both overhead bins and baggage sizes of most US airlines. It has a volume of 48 L and a weight of 7.38 lb. The Carry-On Plus is perfect for a trip lasting between 3 to 7 days.

2. The Arry-on Pro’

This model comes with an exquisitely-designed front pocket that can easily fit in a 15-inch laptop or magazines or tablets in its interior pocket. The Carry-On Pro weighs 7.8 lb. and has a volume of 36 L, which makes it perfect for a trip that lasts between 2 to 5 days.

3. The Arry-on Pro Plus’

The front compartment of this model has interior pouches that can fit in essentials that you tend to carry in hand like sunglasses, passports, cables, etc. The Carry-On Pro Plus weighs 8.38 lb. and has a volume of 46 L, making it perfect for a short 3 to 7-day vacation.

4. The Heck-in Medium’

This is the most convenient midsize SUITCASE for your travel requirements. It weighs 9.59 lb. and has a volume of 70 L. The Check-In Medium is perfectly-sized for trips that last between 7 to 21 days.

5. The Heck-in Large’

This larger size of the heck-In’ model by Monos can easily accommodate a large number of outfits and accessories. It weighs 10.58 lb. and has a volume of 99.2 L, making it perfect for a long holiday lasting up to 21 days.

6. The Ybrid Carry-on’

This is a light and unbreakable SUITCASE that has superbly merged polycarbonate and aluminum to create a sleek and elegant look. It weighs 8.81 lb. and has a volume of 36 L, which makes it convenient for you to carry it along on your 5-day short trip.

7. The Ybrid Carry-on Plus’

This model’s exterior features a ipperless’ aluminum-based frame, silent wheels, and impressively sturdy telescopic handles. This unbreakable and light model weighing 9.25 lb. and has a volume of 43 L. It is best for a trip that lasts between 3 to 7 days.