Self Care

How To take Care For Your Lips

It’s easy to forget that your lips are an important part of your face. Your eyes may be the window to the soul, but your lips basically pull everything together and add another layer to your aesthetic. Your lips need personal care and attention, too. So here’s how to take care of them.

A Mix Of Nourishing Oils

Your lips require serums and oils as much as your face does. In a small glass bottle or an old (but cleaned) recycled lip gloss tube, mix equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil. Castor oil for the ability to increase blood flow to the lips, making them plumper and puffier, and coconut oil for the moisturizing and health factors.

Lather Up

Lather up your mixture of oils (shaken properly) onto your lips with a finger until you feel a good amount is adequately covering your lips. Do not forget to get equal parts of the coconut oil as well if you’re looking to do this separately as coconut oil serves as your carrier oil, penetrating the barriers of the skin and helping the castor oil penetrate with it.

Moisture Barrier

This is where the personal care comes in. This step is all about locking the moisture in and overnight, although this can also be done during the day. The least your lips are exposed to the elements, the better. Use lip balms akin to petroleum jelly. With the oil layer underneath, put a generous amount on top of your lips and leave on for bed.

For the day time, this combo and lip mask can work with a more liquid variant of petroleum jelly. A lot of lip balms have this petroleum jelly form in squeeze tubes. Layer this on over the oil mixture using more liquid balms that look more akin to lip gloss, so during the day, you appear to be wearing lip balm while also practicing personal care for your puckers.