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The 7 Best Women’s Shorts From Nuuly Rent

META TITLE: The 7 Best Women’s Shorts From Nuuly Rent

META DESCRIPTION: Shorts can fit almost any occasion, like a typical day, getaway, and party. If you’re looking for the best shorts in Nuuly Rent, start with this list.

The 7 Best Women’s Shorts From Nuuly Rent

Shorts may look simple, but these garments can fit almost any occasion. On a typical day, a getaway with the girls, or a party at a nightclub, you can’t go wrong with shorts.

Nowadays, you can easily find shorts for sale in physical stores and online shops. In Nuuly Rent, you can rent clothes monthly and buy the ones you fall in love with at the end of the contract. And since you’re specifically looking for shorts, these are our seven recommendations available on Nuuly:

7 Best Shorts We Found On Nuuly Rent

1. Sangria Printed Paper Bag Shorts From Anthropologie

If you’re unfamiliar, Sangria is a Spanish red wine with spices and fruits. Now looking at the Sangria Printed Paper Bag Shorts, you can spot the colorful lemonade, papaya, and other fruits creating a unique design. It’s a fun and comfortable wear in summer or casual leisure thanks to its style, breathable material, and elastic waist.

2. Amelie A-line Shorts From Free People

Denim jeans are timeless, and bright-colored denim shorts are even better. If you’re looking for stylish shorts that you know will last for years, the Amelie A-line Shorts from Free People is a great choice. It’s available in different sizes and can easily fit well with any upper garment.

3. Pull On Printed Short From Hutch

The Pull On Printed Short from Hutch is a perfect example of the beauty of modern shorts. It has a unique style that resembles colorful marble rocks with a dominant purple hue. It’s made of polyester, so you know it’s lightweight and breathable.

4. Vintage High-rise Shorts From Free People

If you’re into denim, but colorful denim shorts aren’t to your taste, you might want to look at Free People’s Five Star Vintage Shorts. Like vintage jeans, it has the classic dark blue color, tattered spots, and frayed hems. You’ll surely love its familiar yet fashionable look.

5. Colorblock Short From Flat White

Sometimes, it’s good to feel and dress playfully. And when that time comes, you’ll be glad if you get this Colorblock Short today. Made to look trendy and cool, this short has a cute duo-tone design that fits the city girl fashion.

6. Stow Away Camo Shorts From Sanctuary

If you’re feeling adventurous or fierce, the Stow Away Camo Shorts from Sanctuary will look good on you. As one might expect, it has a camouflage pattern, large folded hems, and a belt to go with the vibe. It’s made with cotton and linen, so it’s surely comfortable to wear.

7. Striped Beach Shorts From Kasia

As the name suggests, the Striped Beach Shorts is the perfect wear when enjoying the ocean and the kiss of the sun. Unlike most plain beach shorts, this one has a lovely vertical stripes design in black, pink, and white colors. When swimming or running in the sand, the stretchable waist and drawstring make it comfortable and reliable to wear.

Treat Yourself With Lovely Shorts From Nuuly Rent

There you have it, our recommendations for the best shorts available in Nuuly Rent. We have carefully picked each item on the list, so we’re confident that you’ll like them. Treat yourself with lovely shorts from Nuuly Rent today!