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Top 5 Men’s Travel Backpacks in 2022

The backpacks are very pivotal when it comes to away from home travels that involve carrying some of your valuables. Below are the 5 best men’s backpacks to consider in 2022.

1 The Westholme

This Backpack is composed of highly flexible and thin sheepskin leather. The sheepskin leather, though delicate, possesses a soft premium feel designed to make the bag portable.

The Westholme Backpack is equipped with padded straps to help with carrying a bulky load. It also contains an elastic suitcase sleeve for securing the bag to luggage handles. Plus, it features a separate laptop section for housing both medium and large laptops.

The Westholme Backpack is ideal for packing all you need with some fundamental features. It is assembled with two outside water bottle pockets and a voluminous 3D front pocket to keep your personal documents, phone, and lightweight accessories.

2 The Hakuba

The Hakuba is a multi-purpose backpack perfect for traveling, hiking, commuting, etc. This backpack is enriched with valuable, functional features to ease your travel. It comes with a number of pockets, namely laptop pocket, bottom pocket, luggage sleeve, side pockets, top pockets, and insert.

It also features water-repellent on the laptop pocket and the primary compartment, ensuring your essentials are moisture-free. The interior mesh pockets offer adequate visibility, which provides no room for misplacement of items.

3 The Hanover 2

The Hanover 2 Backpack comprises superior and worthwhile materials built with durability factored. This backpack contains an external laptop sleeve, front pocket, key leash, top stash pockets, side stash pockets, interior organization, detachable insert, and luggage sleeve.

The laptop pocket and the primary compartment are equipped with water-resistant zippers, which help keep your valuables free of moisture. Plus, the interior mesh pockets ensure no room for misplacing any stuff, thanks to their adequate visibility.

4 The Hanover Deluxe 2

This men’s backpack is environmentally friendly, carefully designed, and highly versatile. It is ideal for a weekend getaway, commuting, and road trips.

The Hanover Deluxe 2 is heavily packed with essential features which set it apart from the rest of men’s backpacks. It features an outside laptop sleeve, front pocket, key leash, top stash pocket, multiple pockets, detachable insert, extendable pockets, and luggage sleeve.

It also comes with water-repellent zippers that keep laptop pockets and primary component essentials devoid of moisture. The interior mesh pockets make it more visible, which eases the prospect of misplacing any stuff within the bag.

5 The Edgemont

The Edgemont is composed of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. It is carefully constructed with materials that make it super versatile in all situations. It features a detachable insert, suitcase handle sleeve, interior pockets, laptop pockets, key leash, and stash pockets.

The Edgemont Backpack is sustainable and water-resistant, making it ideal for all environments.