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Top Men’s Gym And Activewear Styles

All of us want to be in the best shape of our lives, and to look our best. After all, we groom ourselves before going out so that we give off a great first impression. But what about your gym clothes? Most men aren’t aware of how important they are to the health and appearance of their bodies. They might not know what types of materials are available or which ones should be avoided in order to stay on top of their game with appearances. Below are the top brands of men’s gym and activewear:

1. Kore Short:

Kore is a Korean brand and this type of short is definitely a must-have for every man. This short is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and it has a short, athletic cut that looks great on any body type. There are many different colors and sizes to choose from, including a very neutral color that goes with everything. This makes it perfect for men who want to invest in gym clothes but still want to look great everywhere they go. It also has many different uses. You can wear it to the gym, or you can wear it out in public or even to work.

2. Tuvalu Tee

Tuvalu is a popular brand because of their seamless, body-sculpting fit. This tee comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is made of a polyester/spandex blend with an athletic cut that looks great on men of all sizes. The sleeves are long enough to cover the wrists and the bottom hemline reaches just below your waistline, giving you the freedom to move without binding. This shirt makes it extremely easy to look good while spending time in the gym or while doing everyday activities.

3. Banks Short

This Banks short, made of 100% polyester and spandex, has a shape that looks great on any body type. It has a closed-front design, which gives it a clean look. The fabric is smooth and feels like you’re wearing a second skin. This makes it perfect for men who want to look great all day long, or just need some quick dry shorts to take with them when they’re going into the gym.

4. Current Tech Tee

This Current Tech Tee, made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex, is extremely soft and smooth. The fabric has been treated to be wrinkle-free so that you can wear it while you’re working out and as soon as you hang it up, it will look like you just took it off the shelf. The fit is athletic, with a short t-shirt length and a body sculpting design.

5. Trail Short

This Trail short is made of a soft, stretchy fabric and it has an athletic fit. Its multi-use design makes it perfect for working out at the gym, but you can also use it for everyday activities. It comes in many different colors and sizes. The size features are unusual – instead of a numeric size, they’re labeled small, medium, or large. This gives you more freedom to choose the one that fits you best.


These are just some of the amazing fitness brands available online. Whether you want to work out at home or you want to go to a gym, these brands cater to every need that you might have. Each brand has a different design and materials used, making it very easy for you to find the perfect fit. The next time that you’re looking for clothes, take your body type and your style into account.