Fashion Trends

Why You Should Have An All Black Wardrobe

Not everybody appreciates the all black wardrobe devoid of any bright, fun or lively colors pulled straight from any rainbow, but that’s where they’re wrong. Black is a color of intensity, mystery and even sexier on your clothing than a bright yellow or pink that no one can take seriously. Here are the ultimate fashion tips for why you should switch to an all black wardrobe.

Color Of Intent

There’s a reason why suits are most commonly made and tailored to be in black. The color black communicates intent, seriousness and intensity. Black suits are chosen for the most serious of moments where you want to be taken seriously. And don’t be mistaken, even strong, independent and powerful women have an affinity for black suits themselves, not to say that they don’t appreciate more color in the office space, but a woman in a black suit is a force to be reckoned with.

Color Of Mystery

The little black dress is a staple among women worldwide for a reason. There’s nothing better than a simple and reliable outfit that you know will never fail you. The color black communicates mystery that people at gatherings will want to find figure out and find out about, that’s why the little black dress is the color that it’s in. It’s easy, sexy and reliable to stir up a mystery.

A Color That Slims

The color black is sexy for a whole other reason. Black is worn by people that appreciate its ability to slim their bodies down. Any piece of clothing in black has the ability to slim your body and make you appear two sizes smaller. The absence of color for light to reflect onto is what makes this thinner and skinnier illusion work. So, if you need to look so much slinkier for an event, pick up a little black dress.