Fashion Trends

Find The Right Hat For You

It’s a bad day for your hair, but you don’t have as much time as you need to deal with them?

Do you want to add a UNIQUE ACCESSORY to your appearance?

A HAT can take off a simple, everyday outfit, adding a little sparkle and style.

Hats can be worn regardless of the season (winter/summer etc.) with the appropriate outfit. Besides, they can be combined with either casual clothes or more evening ones. Moreover, it is no coincidence that many celebrities prefer them in their public appearances and fashion houses on their catwalks.

But because not all hats fit all of us, let’s see how we choose the right one.

The first and basic rule is to WEAR IT LOOSELY and not to press it on the head (this is also bad for your hair).

What style suits our body?

If we have MEDIUM STATURE, it is better to avoid oversized hats. We prefer a tall hat that gives the illusion of height in discreet color.

If we want to REMOVE KILOGRAMS from our silhouette, we choose a wide-brimmed hat that balances the image.


To choose a hat, we will have to try it on as well as hats have sizes.

Choose based on The Shape of our face.

LONG FACE: a large wide-brimmed hat with a wide brim will make your face look smaller. Don’t wear hats with narrow pointed visors because they will accentuate even more the length of your face and try to hide your forehead. You may well wear hats that have small details on them.

SQUARE FACE: this shape fits the wide-brimmed hats with a wide brim and a more square Tepe (the top of the hat.) Hats with curves also balance and soften the corners on the face.

OVAL AND HEART FACE: you are one of the lucky ones since everything fits in this face shape. No matter what you choose, you do not risk making a mistake since your face already has the right balances, so you have no restrictions.

ROUND FACE: asymmetrical cuts and patterns help this shape because they help create angles from how they hug your head and the way the shadow falls on your face. Avoid the ones that will make you look even rounder and choose to have a high base.