How To Build A Good Skin Care Collection

When it comes to beauty, having a good skin is ideal. Thus, if you maintain a likewise good skincare regimen, it will help you attain the best skin that you can have. Unfortunately, this is actually not an easy task. And before you go buying off the shelves of a beauty shop, you need to learn more about your skin type and what problems you’ll need to deal with. This will help you build your skincare set for daily routine.

First, you need to know your skin type. This is very important because you can’t just go and buy a skincare product, even if proven good and effective, when it’s not good for your skin type. In the long run, it may just cause problems that you don’t want. So, know if you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. From this, you can now build your skincare collection. Start with basics first and add up as you gain experience and know-how.

The basics of a daily skincare regimen are cleanser, treatment serums/creams, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Cleansing should be done moderately which means once or twice daily is enough. Overdoing it may result to removing your face’s natural oil. There are cleansers that are good for any skin type but if you want to be more on point, there are cleansers that are particular to a certain skin type. Labels are there for you to check.

Next is the use of treatment serums. This is the step where you use enriched creams that are full of nutrients for the skin. For instance, a serum with vitamin c is ideal under your sunscreen for daily morning routine. While creams with retinol is good for night time use. Then, you can now apply your moisturizer. For dry skin types, cream based moisturizers are fitting while gel-based are ideal for oily skin. Top it off with your favored sunscreen during the day.