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Top 7 Watches For Trendy Men

A watch is more than a timepiece, and you can add a classic touch to your personality with the best one. Here are the top 7 men’s watches you can consider for different occasions.

1. The Runwell 41mm

Many of us want a classic and sophisticated look without adding too much. If you are one of them, you can have this timepiece and stand out in the crowd. The premium leather strap, double-domed sapphire crystal, and classic pumpkin crown make this timepiece a must-have accessory.

2. The Duck 42mm

THE DUCK 42MM is a water-resistant and adventure-proof watch and can be the best if you spend most of the time outdoors. The expandable rubber strap, extra-thick sapphire crystal, and stainless-steel case make it durable and versatile.

3. The Detroit Detrola 43mm

THE DETROIT DETROLA 43MM looks sophisticated. You can wear this versatile timepiece wherever you want. The blue TR90 resin case, stainless-steel core, and matte white dial will complement any outfit, and you can use it for a long time.

4. The Traveler 42mm

THE TRAVELER 42MM looks super classic and impressive. The paper vellum textured dials, leather band, and colorways make it stylish, trendy, and inspiring. It can be the best companion if you love a classic look.

5. The Canfield 43mm

THE CANFIELD 43MM comes as the best combination of sophistication and simplicity. The alabaster dial, polished stainless-steel case, and the bark nut brown premium leather strap can complement all the outfits and looks.

6. The Buckeye Detrola 43mm

The band of the BUCKEYE DETROLA 43MM gives it a distinct look. The scarlet red dial and beautiful band make it perfect for trendy people. It features a stainless-steel core, silicone strap, and scarlet and can last for years to come.

7. The Daily Wear Detrola 43mm

THE DAILY WEAR DETROLA 43MM is a new collection and comes with a youthful design, quality craftsmanship, and high-grade components. You will find a perfect balance between style and strength.